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Personal Training

$90 + HST / 60 Minute Session

$45 + HST / 30 Minute Session

Travel Fee – $30 + HST will be applied for travel further than 15 km outside of the Markham area per session or a two hour minimum service would eliminate any travel fees.

• Workout at home or the gym

• Equipment provided
• No Additional Gym Fees

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Partner Training

$120 + HST (up to 4 participants)

$60 + HST / person for 2

$40 + HST / person for 3

$30 + HST / person for 4

Benefits to partner training:

• Keep the “FUN” in Fitness

• Accountability

• Cost effective

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Core Fitness Yoga / Mobility /Flexibility

$90 + HST / 60 Minute Session

  1. Yoga - Vinyassa flows linking movement with breath
  2. Mobility - by definition: the ability of a joint to move through a range of motion (set through a series of movement patterns for all joints)
  3. Flexibility - by definition: the ability of a muscle to be lengthened (Incorporating static, dynamic and guided PNF & assisted stretch techniques)

    Mobility & Flexibility do go hand in hand with the addition to the mindfulness of yoga this could be your new favourite session!

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Corporate Wellness

$180 - $360 + HST / Week (depending on class size and session time)

Give your staff the best health advantage to boost productivity and a positive work environment.

• Core Shots Fitness will help you create a space in your office for weekly workouts

• Group Fitness Sessions

• Private or semi private sessions can rotate working with the trainer 30-45 min. at a time allowing for more of your staff to receive the benefits of a personal coaching.

• Bootcamp, circuit training
• Strength training & core stability
• Yoga, mobility, flexibility, mindful meditation
• Each session will vary progressively week to week

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Getting Started Package

$390 + HST (Savings of $100)

This is the perfect package for those who are new to the gym & just getting started!

• 4 x 60 minute personal training sessions

• Personalized 8 week program

• Session 1: Goal Setting and Fitness Assessment

• Session 2 & 3: Building and Creating exercises specific to your personal goals • Session 4: Program Review

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Accountability Coaching

$50 + HST / Month

This service is a fantastic addition to any personal program design or personal training client.

• Includes weekly goal setting

• Weekly fitness goals

• Weekly nutrition guidelines

• Weekly scheduled coaching via text, email, call or zoom

• Progress tracking

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Online Training

$75 + HST Personal Training (1:1) 60 minute session

$40 + HST 30 minute session
$90 + HST Partner Training - 60 minute session

• Via Zoom links sent once scheduled

• Save time & money

• Get it in and get it done!

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Personal Program Design

$130 + HST - Full 8 - 12 Week Program

Program Design takes time and calculating the appropriate progressive steps needed for each client to reach their personal goals. Cost effective for the self-motivated exercise enthusiast.

What’s Included:

• Goal setting & 30 minute virtual consult

• Program Designed for an 8-12 week period

• Cardio Program including your personal Heart Rate Zones

• Strength Training Program (2 parts)

• Core Program Stretch & mobility program

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Group Training or Team Building

$145 + HST (5 -20 participants)

Team bonding at its best or just as an opportunity to give your sports team a different take on your current strength & conditioning program. Variety is the spice to life.

60 minute Group session Includes:

• Dynamic group warm up

• Circuit style components including strength, cardio, core exercises

• Group and partner activities bootcamp style

• Cool down with full body stretches

• Complete head to toe body scan ending with 5 minutes of mindful meditation

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Gym Design & Consulting

Pricing Varies – Get in Touch

All too often I meet many clients who have purchased gym equipment that has turned out to be unrealistic, poor condition and a waste of money. Let me help you break down the key equipment needed for your personal needs. Choosing multifunctional pieces of equipment and brands that last can save you time and money. Contact Shanon for more details.

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