One-On-One Training

$80+HST / 60 minute Session
$45+HST / 30 minute Session

60 minutes of personal training session at your home or in a fitness facility made available. All equipment provided. Rates include gym fees.

Travel Fee – $30+HST will be applied for travel further than 25km outside of the Markham area per session. [/vc_column_text]

Group Training

$96+HST/group up to 4 participants
$48+HST/person for 2
$32+HST/person for 3
$24+HST/person for 4

Why sweat alone? Working out with a friend helps keep it fun, social and assists your accountability.

Team or Large Group Training

$120+HST/group for 5-20 participants

Accountability Coaching


This includes goal setting and weekly check-in’s via text, email, call or Zoom chat in order to track your progress, assess and adjust programming as needed.

Getting Started Package

$350+HST (Savings of $100)

4 personal training sessions for a personal program goal.
Session 1: Goal Setting and Fitness Testing
Session 2 & 3: Building and Creating Exercises Specific to Your Personal Needs
Session 4: Review Program

Personal Program Design

$130+HST – Full Program

Program Design takes time and calculating the appropriate progressive steps need for each client to reach their personal goals.

Personal Programs is exactly that personally designed for the clients’ goals in mind. Once we have established a starting point we can together set the appropriate goals. Program design will give you a detailed 6-8 week progressive plan to get there! Each Program designed by Core Shots Fitness will include 3 part program with and additional cardio plan.

Every Core Shots Fitness program includes key core exercise for safe functional movements, metabolic burn workouts and a strength component.

Program Design is a cost effective way to help guide you to the results you want without spending multiple sessions with a trainer. Cost effective for the self-motivated exercise enthusiast.

Virtual Training via Zoom

One-on-One Training: $70+HST/1 hour Session | $40+HST/½ hour Session
Group Training: $90+HST/1 hour Session

Core Fitness Yoga

$80+HST/ 60 minute Session

60 minute private yoga session focused on adding balance through mind and body flows. This sessions ends with a gentle hands on stretch.

Core Kids Fitness

Contact for Pricing

A fantastic addition to any daycare or preschool where being active is a necessity for every age.

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