Shanon McMillan

Shanon McMillan
Personal Trainer
Body Building 87%
Strength Training 75%
Weight Loss Management 70%
Flexibility 67%
Female Fitness Training 40%
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Hi, I’m Shanon McMillan, founder/owner of Core Shots Fitness, certified personal trainer, group fitness leader and health/nutrition enthusiast (to put it mildly). My career in the fitness industry spans over 25 years and is fuelled by an unwavering passion for helping my clients achieve fitness and health goals they never dreamed possible. Best described by my clients as a compassionate but tough trainer – a “Jillian Michaels meets Zen Master” type style, I’m not afraid to take a stand for you and your health — because I know your future and happiness depend on it.

My personal fitness journey began as a competitive gymnast in the early years which led to a 20 year career as a gymnastic/trampoline coach and now over 13 years as a personal trainer. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to live amongst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains of Banff, Alberta and Whistler, British Columbia where Core Shots Fitness was created over a decade ago.

Today, Ontario is home for my amazing 8 year-old son where family is close by. Now based in Markham, Core Shots serves all areas of York Region and the Eastern GTA.

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