High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT workouts are one of the biggest trend in the fitness industry at the moment. The American College of Sports Medicine recently conducted a poll which found HIIT is considered one of the top 5 cardio workouts used in the U.S today. We see this flood on our social media – shorter, more intense workouts, ie; Tabata, Boot camps, Go Girl, Crossfit, F45, and Orange Theory. All great in their own way, but which way is right for you?

You must factor in your current fitness level, injuries, sleep, energy and time before deciding on how intense or how hard you really HIIT it. The best advice I can offer is stick to a plan that fits your needs, modify where needed and know your personal boundaries. Listen to your body, waiting until you see stars is NOT listening.

What Is It?

HIIT training consists of short bursts of very strenuous effort followed by a period of rest. The moments of rest can be completely still or active recovery ie: an easier exercise. Rest intervals are meant to help you catch your breath & reduce your heartbeat. You shouldn’t be sustaining high intensity periods for more than 1-2 minutes without stopping. “So don’t beat yourself up inside when you feel super gassed that’s the point!”
Conventional long distance runs burn a ton of calories “during the run” not many afterwards. Research has proven shorter more intense workouts burn more calories throughout the entire day.
It is a fluctuation between aerobic & anaerobic states that throw your body into a state of confusion.
Aerobic = with oxygen = “you will be able to hold a conversation”
Anaerobic = without oxygen = “you are counting the seconds until its over”
When in Anaerobic state you are working harder than what your body’s oxygen supply can sustain. Cells must use their energy stores for fuel when oxygen is not available…Hello Fat burning!

Added Bonus Benefits

  • increases metabolism
  • improve insulin resistance
  • heart function
  • increase endurance.

The make up of a HIIT workout has so many options for all levels of fitness and can be completely tailor made to your needs. Little to no equipment is necessary another bonus plus you only need 30 minutes.

Tips To Remember:

I have been a huge fan of training, I think my entire life. As an ex-gymnast HIIT comes naturally as it is completely an Anaerobic Sport.
The best advice I can offer to if please look at the big picture HIIT workouts can be extremely effective but not as your only source of exercise. Over doing anything will result in a plateau or injury. HIIT Workouts should not be done more 2 x ‘s per week max 3 given you are allowing your body active recovery or rest at least 24-48 hours in between.
I am happy to help tailor your personal HIIT workout program see link below for Program Design Services.