Pound for Pound

Pound for Pound

Pound of Muscle vs Pound of Fat

Pound for pound. Given the choice, it is obvious which we would choose!

However, life has a way of shifting our priorities, causing us to fall into unhealthy habits, leaving us lethargic and unmotivated to change.

I believe when you are able to make a decision and fully take on the new healthy habit, even just one meal at a time, the reward and benefits out way the pain / suffering you may feel you will have to endure.

Once you have fully committed to changing the way you view and fuel your body, you will find the “time” you put in is not an issue, because you will have the energy to do so.

That’s the glory of eating right and exercising, happy endorphins and a surplus of energy! Reward yourself and celebrate just NOT with the burgers and fries!

*Note: 1 pound = 3500 calories that are needed to be in deficit through diet and exercise, “so do the math, find your number”.


1. Reduces glucose levels

2. Prevention of chronic diseases

3. Boosts immune System

4. Reduce risk of developing high blood pressure



Within 15 minutes of eating a fast food burger:

1. Massive surge of glucose

2. Triggers a release of insulin which will result in hunger again in just a few hours

3. High amounts of saturated fat causes arteries to not dilate as much

4. Restricts blood flow and elevates cholesterol



Show me the money:

Based on a study published by the British Medical Journal researchers found that choosing a healthier diet, on average costs about $1.50 more per day than the least healthy ones,

However, it is our time that is more affected by a healthier diet; food prep, grocery shopping, etc. Your time is definitely worth more than $1.50/day but the results are worth it in the end!





  • Shop in bulk for staples; rice, quinoa, some meats etc
  • Look for produce on sale
  • Follow a meal plan guide for each week based on what you found within your budget
  • Track your food using MyFitnessPal app, when in doubt of your daily intake
  • Start with one meal change per week if you are feeling overwhelmed
  • Fact: eating protein and veggies before carbs will help maintain healthy glucose levels and avoid the spikes of insulin causing you to snack more often
  • Drink plenty of water, about 2L/day and more with exercise – this helps get rid o the bad and keep the good in!
  • Be kind to yourself and set rewards for your success.
Remember, YOU GOT THIS!