PAIN IN THE “@#%*#”

PAIN IN THE “@#%*#”

Piriformis Syndrome – “otherwise a real pain in the butt”

What is it?

The Piriformis muscle is behind your Gluteus Maximus and starts at the lower spine and connects to the upper surface of the femur. The sciatic nerve runs vertically and directly beneath it. With the function of external hip rotation that is always in need.

Cause & Symptoms

Exact causes is piriformis syndrome are unknown, although any irritation to the piriformis muscle or surrounding sacroiliac joint or hip may result in this.

Symptoms include pain after periods of prolonged sitting and sciatic-like nerve pain down the back of the thigh, calf, and foot, as well as walking upstairs or on an incline.


If there is any inflammation, applying and alternating ice and heat does help. Gentle stretching, massage, and the foam roller targeting the piriformis to help relieve tension.

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want a tight #@SS! Seriously, we workout, we build up, we strengthen, tighten and tone so it is only natural if you are not regularly aiding in your own post workout recovery for this type of injury to occur. The crazy part is even if you don’t workout and do nothing but sit all day, this can still happen.

The best solution is prevention. Do the workouts, sweat life is a good life! Just remember to stretch too!

Be well and stretch often,