Top 10 Core Exercises

Top 10 Core Exercises

If you are going to train, why not mirror the best!? I have researched the top core exercises practiced by Olympic athletes, from down hill skiers, divers, swimmers, and runners!

Funny enough I use these exercises very often will all of my clients, so kudo’s to us 🙂 The important thing to note when working through any exercises, at any level, is form. So if I have to harp, poke, lift, and pull you into the right position you know I will.

In no special order here are 10 great choices:

  1. Leg Lowering then lift – laying on your back, legs fully extended straight up, slowly lower your legs to a hover over the floor, and then just as slow, lift them straight back up. (Be sure not to compromise your lower back, you may modify your legs at 90 degrees).
  2. Scissors – laying on your back, have one leg straight up and one leg hover one inch off the floor, and quickly do scissor like switches. x20 reps.
  3. Standing Barbell Rotations – “crown yourself” King or Queen.
  4. Balance Board Squat – while holding a medicine ball straight out in front of you, slowly lower into a squat, while engaging your core through maintaining balance.
  5. Russian Twists – sitting on the floor and with your legs up, hold a medicine ball or kettle bell and twist from one side to the other.
  6. Body Saw – from a plank position, shift yourself forward and backwards.
  7. Stability Ball Plank – plank while having your forearms on a ball and your feet on a box.
  8. Stir the Pot – have your feet on the ground and your forearms on a ball, in a planking position, and rotate your forearms in circles in each direction.
  9. Knee Tucks or “Jacks” – using a yoga ball, have your feet or shins up on the ball and your hands on the floor. Pull your knees to your chest, and go back to starting position. Repeat.
  10. RKC Planks – holding a plank position with good form, start to pull your elbows to your toes, and your toes to your elbows. Do so while maintaining a neutral spine. Squeeze everything while engaging and keeping a strong core. Do this for 10-15 seconds each time.


Have fun and always keep mixing it up!