Growing Great Children

Growing Great Children

Growing Great Children, this statement alone says it all. As a parent or soon to be we all want our children to be great and more importantly healthy and happy!

Seems simple enough but it is my belief that our society seems to skip too often a very important step in Growing Great Children which is Growing Great Parents. Parents we put off our own health and well being too often, constantly say we just don’t have time to workout, no time to prepare healthy meals for ourselves, no time for ourselves to recharge.

You think it is a small sacrifice in order to give your children more time with you, more funds for their activities, their future. Don’t forget our actions or lack there of as parents speaks louder so often than what we say! Our little ones watch our every move. If you insist your children eat healthy then you should too, if you think it is vital your child receives regular physical activity then so should you.

Top 5 Tips to be a Great Parent

  1. Exercise – It doesn’t have to be a long workout even 30 minutes a day to move your body works
  2. Breathe – Take a time out no not in the corner this is a good thing, taking time to focus on your breathe and reflect slowing it down can make all the difference in a very hectic day
  3. Fuel – Fuel your body as good as you as you fuel your children. Healthy choices for the whole family
  4. Sleep – Who doesn’t want to feel more rested and we all know how cranky our kids get if they stay up too late.
  5. Play – If we don’t make time to play and have fun then where is the
    reward to working hard, we all need something to look forward too.

NOTE: Exercise releases Endorphins and essentially triggers positive feelings. Warning this can be addictive and lead to a very happy and healthy family:)

Be Well,

Shanon McMillan

CPT & Mom