Cowboy Take Me Away

Cowboy Take Me Away

To All The Women out there:

Clearly, I am a country fan! The title, however reminds me of an old commercial tag line “Calgon Take me away,” I am pretty sure it was about soaking in a hot bath after a long day #themomlife but hey, maybe it was just about soap.
Either way this one is for the ladies, moms, sisters, friends; women lifting women up!
We all strive, struggle and hustle our way through life, days, hours and often minutes wondering how we will get through. First we tend to question our looks. Are we pretty enough? Smart enough? Am I a good friend, sister and mother? Oh that’s a big one.
Then later, we ask ourselves what will we do when our kids are grown? What or who will I be? All valid questions.
As a mom, not a day goes by where I don’t question if I am doing the right things: The right rules, values, sports, homework, sleep time, food, screen time…. it really never ends.
I look at this picture of myself 11 years into parenthood and think wow I am doing okay, not too bad for a mid forties single mom working the hustle. But I also see behind the makeup and smile and see the sleepless nights, holding back tears waiting for the time out timer to end, tantrums in Walmart, fight to get ready for school, struggle for homework and doors slamming. The “I Hate you MOM” moments, followed by heart bursting I love you’s in the next breath. When they say life is a roller coaster, they are right.
As a woman, I feel it is so important to surround yourself with a tribe of uplifting, shoulder leaning, wine drinking friends, sisters; the things you just can’t get from a man. I am in an industry where “looks” seem to be everything, but the truth is, it’s HAPPY thatlooks the best on everyone! The glow, energy, confidence and happiness that shines is contagious, if we can just embrace it and let it flow.
I encourage you ladies to take a moment, sit up straight, flick your hair, pat yourself on the shoulder and give yourself a high five! You got this life down… now just slow down the doubt and own your awesome self. Trust what will be will be. Take a deep breath and exhale, melt a little. it’s okay to let go. Embrace it in all its glory, crying at commercials, dancing in the kitchen when no one is looking, shaking what your Momma gave you and love it, every ounce of it.
I know this is pretty much sounding like that old Saturday Night Live skit “Gosh darn it people like me” moment, but we all need to look into that mirror and remind ourselves,we are worth it.
PS: At the end of the day, Cowboys are a nice idea but we are women, strong enough all on our own!
Much Love & Gratitude,

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